Circle Tree Ranch Recovery Tracks

90 Days
Thresholds of Change

7 Months
Proof of Life

Thresholds of Change: 90 Days

Circle Tree Ranch’s Thresholds of Change Track is tailored to individuals who are highly motivated to make positive changes in their lives. This track affords students time to identify core life issues which are associated with alcoholism and drug addiction and its attendant experiences. In 90 days, students will begin to gain insight into their experience, and the causes and consequences of their substance abuse and addictive behavior. Students learn to view their life from a broader perspective to include how their chemical dependency has affected others. Willingness to continue the process of change, personal growth, and recovery following completion is an essential component of the 90 Day Track.

Proof of Life Path: 7 Months

This is a more in-depth track, which is recommended for those with long histories of drug and alcohol addiction; those with multiple relapses and for the young who need to learn many things for the first time. In seven months, students begin to internalize that life is a gift that is not to be wasted. Students participate in at least five intensive workshops and have an extended setting in which to process and practice new skills. Several family workshops are available in this track in which students can seriously begin to reconcile relationships with those who have been affected by their behaviors. This seven-month track also affords the students the opportunity to reside on campus with their children.

Circle Tree Ranch has over 48 years experience

providing drug addiction rehabilitation services where students explore the root causes of their addiction specific to their gender, age and experience. Circle Tree Ranch is unique among drug and alcohol rehabs in that we welcome parents with young children, women who are pregnant, couples, and families.

Circle Tree Ranch has been sought out when other methods, residential rehabilitation facilities, outpatient clinics, counselors and psychiatrists have been unable to help. We are compassionate toward and committed to all individuals seeking chemical dependency treatment services, including those individuals who have been unsuccessful in other alcohol and drug rehabilitation settings.

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