Five-term Pima County Supervisor to Confront Arizona’s Deadly Opiate Epidemic

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Five-term Pima County Supervisor to Confront Arizona’s Deadly Opiate Epidemic

Ray Carroll joins Tucson-based Amity Foundation, returning to his roots in state’s private
non-profit sector

TUCSON, AZ – Just short of 20 years as Pima County’s District 4 Supervisor, rather than seeking a sixth term Ray Carroll has decided to focus on battling Arizona’s historic opiate crisis, which kills more than two Arizonans daily, a 74% increase since 2012, by joining Tucson-based non-profit Amity Foundation.

Amity formed in 1969 to address the opiate crisis of the 1960’s and was originally called Tucson Awareness House. Carroll will immediately address the threat of a $77 billion cut in Medicaid & the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. If passed, it will drastically cut AHCCS funds over the next 10 years, which would be disastrous to health and mental health care systems in Arizona and hurt those in need.

“I am determined to protect Medicaid and all government services so that funding remains in place for so many in need,” said Carroll. “We must address the out-of-control opiate crisis in Arizona, as well as expand services to 1st Nations tribal members and develop work readiness services via Amity’s vocational training programs.”

Carroll also noted the paucity of available and affordable units in Tucson’s housing system. Amity has been subsidizing quality affordable housing for over 3 years via its Dragonfly Village campus that fills a gap of housing needs in Pima County.

Amidst many offers to join several boards, local and national posts, as well as special committees Carroll decided to dedicate his skills and expertise to the private sector in Arizona. After careful consideration of the many offers from a variety of local Arizona based non-profits positioning their social, collateral offerings he chose to join Amity.

Today Amity is a jewel of Pima County providing services to 1000’s each year and has expanded to serve Arizona, California and New Mexico.

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